Carattia Cream

Carattia Cream

Wrinkle problemsWhen we say “wrinkles”, we usually think of something that affects everyone. But do we all have to look like that someday? No. We are able to prevent the aging of cells in our skin, so we can maintain skin firmness and hydration for years. We have the 21st century and new technologies that take the science of cosmetics to the next level.

Advanced dermatological research resulted in the only Carattia cream on the market. It smooths out wrinkles, moisturizes, supports the process of cell regeneration and at the same time forces the skin to produce new cells. The delicate formula makes the existing cells more resistant, which is important in the process of wrinkle reduction and improvement of the face.

How wrinkles are formed?

Wrinkles are a natural part of the ageing process. As we age, the skin becomes thinner, drier, and less elastic, which means it is less able to protect against damage. This leads to wrinkles, and furrows on the skin.

Wrinkles affect people with different skin tones in different ways due to structural and functional differences in skin. Studies indicate that the dermis is thicker in the skin of black and Asian people, which probably protects against wrinkles on the face.

Many factors influence the development of wrinkles, among others:

  • exposure to the sun
  • smoking
  • dehydration
  • certain medicines
  • environmental and genetic factors

Exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from sunbathing, indoor tanning and outdoor sports increases the formation of wrinkles. UV light breaks down collagen and elastin fibers in the skin. These fibers form the connective tissue supporting the skin. As this layer breaks down, the skin becomes weaker and less elastic. The skin begins to fall, and wrinkles appear.

Darker skin contains more melanin and protects against many harmful effects of UV radiation. People working in the sun have a higher risk of early wrinkles. Wearing clothes that cover the skin, such as headgear or long sleeves, can delay the appearance of changes in the skin. Regular smoking speeds up the process of skin aging as it reduces blood supply to the skin. Alcohol dehydrates the skin and dry skin is more prone to wrinkles. There are many reasons for wrinkles, but only one solution – Carattia Cream.

Carattia Cream – effects of application

  • Removes up to 98% of the deepest wrinkles from the face and neck – giving similar effects as a Botox treatment;
  • Smooth and soft face;
  • Intensively nourishes, regenerates, and moisturizes skin – eliminates the most spectacular changes and signs of ageing;
  • Evens out the skin tone – removes discoloration, crow’s feet, and skin imperfections;
  • rejuvenates the skin for at least 15 years – and preserves this effect for a long time,
  • With Carattia Cream you will get rid of complexes caused by signs of aging!

You can do it all without expensive, dangerous interventions, needles, scalpels, and a face like a fake mask, saving tens of thousands of money.  It does not matter if you are 30 years old and have your first wrinkles, or if you are an 80-year-old woman who has completely lost hope of eliminating the signs of aging. Science has proven that rejuvenating the skin by at least 15 years is possible in just 28 days, 100% natural.

Carattia – clinical trials

There are research results from a control group of 312,000 women from all over the world, of different ages, skin tones and skin types. Whether you are 29 or 89 years old, whether your skin is dry and damaged or oily with a tendency to acne: the auro-dermal formula of Carattia Cream will give you the perfect softness, smoothness, and radiance.

Clinical experiments with the Carattia formula began several years ago. It was then that the Polish dermatologist, Professor Jan Morawski, came up with a breakthrough discovery, resulting in research on the influence of gold on skin aging. The breakthrough results of the research made researchers from the University of Vienna interested in the matter. The team decided to allocate additional grants from the European Union to create a revolutionary cream that would inhibit the aging process while being a completely natural.

effects of application Carattia Cream

A collaboration with the Department of Dermatology at the University of Chicago was soon established to expand the team to include the local researchers to develop the formula together. American researchers thought it was worth adding collagen, which is used in most anti-aging creams sold in the USA and natural supplements that have been used for many years. Later, Dr. Morawski and his team worked in Austria, leading the research team, and giving lectures at the university.

The Carattia experiments began in 2016 and lasted three years, with a total of up to 400,000 women under trials.

1. week2. week3. week4. week
Carattia Cream-3%-6%-31%-50%

Table: reduction of deep wrinkles in women qualified for the experiment.

The patients were divided into two groups: one used a specially selected dose of Carattia Cream every day and the other took placebo tablets.  Even if they have not yet used creams and masks, even if they have smoked and enjoyed sunbathing, even if they have long since lost hope of regaining their former beauty, in just three weeks, they have got rid of wrinkles.

Why the Carattia Cream formula is so effective?

high efficiency Carattia CreamAs a result of the auro-dermal formula of Carattia Cream complex regeneration processes begin to take place on the skin. Collagen is a “youth serum”, which the body can produce on its own. Unfortunately, over the years it produces less and less. At the age of 60 the production of collagen stops completely, and the skin loses its natural softness, smoothness, and radiance. Wrinkles, sagging cheekbones, dermatitis, discoloration appear.

There are dozens of collagen products on the market that promise to bring back youthfulness to the skin. But if you apply collagen cream on your face or take pills containing this substance, you will not make up for its deficiencies in the skin at all. It is like trying to moisturize your skin by pouring water. This way you can only damage your skin. Moreover, it would probably be even drier and more irritated afterwards. The same applies to collagen used in various creams, pills, and patches. Therefore, Carattia Cream contains 24-carat gold, which serves as a catalyst to absorb collagen. In this way, the skin benefits from beneficial moisturizing compounds, becoming firmer and noticeably younger.

Ingredients of Carattia Cream

Carattia cream contains only natural, safe, and effective rejuvenating compounds. The cream contains micro-particles of 24 carat gold, which are active but safe to use. Gold in the Carattia cream increases the synthesis of collagen by 93%, thanks to which it intensively regenerates the skin of the face and makes the skin radiant after the first application. After 7 days of application it also removes 78% of all free radicals. All this will make the skin youthful and wrinkles filled in without the slightest unnatural intervention.

Carattia Cream composition

Another active ingredient in the Carattia cream is the Renovage complex.  It is an exclusive ingredient that detoxifies the skin and ensures its natural freshness, while protecting it from aging. The Renovage complex consists of caprylic acid (Caprylic Triglyceride), which has a high water-retention capacity in the skin, and teprenone, which reduces discoloration and evens out skin tone. This gives the skin a young and fresh look.

The Carattia cream also contains natural hazelnut leaf hydrolate in active form. It is responsible for the proper density of the skin. Therefore, ensuring the right level of squalene in the skin ensures that the skin regains its firmness. The formula of Carattia cream has also been enriched with sweet almond oil, which is a real vitamin-rejuvenating bomb with a strong anti-aging effect. It improves blood circulation by 89% and permanently hydrates the skin by 85%. This means that after the first application you will feel that your skin is softer, smoother, and pleasantly moisturized.

No other cream created so far has such a rich and effective rejuvenating composition. This is confirmed by research and opinions of many thousands of satisfied users.

Opinions about Carattia Cream

opinion about the product Carattia-Cream“The first night, after applying the lifting formula to my face, I felt a gentle and pleasant tingling sensation. When I got up in the morning, I was stunned. The wrinkles of the smoker, which had spoiled the mouth area for years, were noticeably smaller. The same happened to the wrinkles around the eyes. I felt that my skin was smooth, and pleasant to touch. The pores became small, practically invisible. I looked at least 5 years younger.

After 21 days of treatment there was not a single one on my face. It also improved the shape of my face: it looked like after a lifting procedure, the only thing that it happened naturally. The terrifying “memories” of Botox also disappeared. Eyelids and corners stopped falling down, all bruises and dermatitis disappeared. I strongly recommend Carattia Cream – it really works.”

Agnieszka, 60

opinion about the product Carattia“Personally, I was very surprised. None of the creams I tested gave such effects as Carattia Cream. Thanks to well-chosen natural ingredients and 24K gold, the cream regenerates the skin, nourishes, and prevents aging. The cream also reduces my mimic wrinkles. People who fight against skin hypersensitivity, such as me, with the use of Carattia Cream will get rid of the effect of continuous redness of the skin. However, it is important to apply the cream daily and according to the instructions attached, because then the effects are best.”

Dorota, 37

“Carratia Cream is an extremely effective anti-wrinkle cream which has a great reputation among my friends. Thanks to numerous tests and studies we can be sure that we have chosen an innovative product that supports skin regeneration every day. Proper skin care is extremely important for anyone who wants to maintain beautiful skin, free from wrinkles and imperfections. The product works well, is made from natural ingredients, and has a reasonable price.”

Elżbieta, 56

Carattia Cream – Where to buy?

Carattia Cream - buy nowThe truth is that you can’t bring your skin back to its youth by simply providing it with collagen. It is a waste of time and money. To restore a youthful, smooth, and radiant complexion, it is necessary to restore its natural ability to produce collagen.

And this is how the auro-dermal formula of Carattia Cream works. Thanks to a unique combination of active ingredients, enriched with 24-carat gold, it stimulates all your skin cells to produce collagen automatically. In this way the skin regains its natural ability to regenerate itself once and for all, and you don’t have to worry about wrinkles, sagging of the skin on the face, neck and décolletage, spider veins or discoloration.


For people of what age is Carattia Cream intended?

Conscious care begins at an early age, when the first wrinkles have not yet appeared. The sooner the treatment is started, the better effects can be expected. However, the cream is suitable for all skin types and for people of all ages.

What are the side effects of the cream?

There are no restrictions on the use of Carattia Cream because no side effects were found during the skin renewal treatment. Carattia Cream is recommended for all women and men who are struggling with wrinkles and want to delay the aging process.

Is Carattia Cream vegan?

As for the ingredients, they are completely natural. This means that it can be used with full awareness by those who prefer vegan solutions. This makes the structure of the product as accessible as possible to the body, which contributes to the safety of use. Every user has the opportunity to learn about the detailed composition of the product on the official website of the manufacturer or the package leaflet.

Carattia Cream II is a new era in skin care

As you can see, the Carattia cream series has undergone a bit of a metamorphosis. This is all for you. We are placing in your hands our latest fruit of labor, which is Carattia Cream II. Thanks to the involvement of many people, expert specialists and laboratory technicians, something for our time has been created. Below you will learn what innovations in its composition and technology Carattia Cream II introduces, and what positive consequences it entails for your skin!

  1. Rejuvenating Complex: Carattia Cream II is enriched with a state-of-the-art rejuvenating complex that works on multiple levels of the skin. The active ingredients penetrate deep into the epidermis, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, which leads to the reduction of wrinkles and improvement of skin firmness.
  2. Nanotechnology Gold: The original formula with 24-karat gold underwent further research that led to the development of nanotechnology gold. This advanced solution allows gold to better penetrate the skin, delivering maximum moisturizing and rejuvenating benefits.
  3. Regenerative ingredients: Carattia Cream II also contains additional regenerative ingredients such as peptides and antioxidants that enhance the skin’s natural renewal processes. This helps fight the signs of aging, restoring the skin’s youthful glow.

Remember, we’re still close to the values that have been going with us since the beginning. Carattia Cream II offers not only revolutionary results, but also a luxurious skincare experience. The soft texture of the serum absorbs quickly, leaving skin silky smooth and radiant. Plus, the subtle golden sheen lends a sense of uniqueness and luxury. Whether you have dry, oily or sensitive skin, Carattia Cream II delivers optimal regeneration and care for your skin, bringing relief and visible results.



30 thoughts on “Carattia Cream

  1. I am looking for information about the new Carattia Cream with gold particles. Has anyone heard anything or used it and can say anything about it?

  2. I have been using this cream for some time now, i.e. I started the second package, and I am very satisfied. After just the first week standing in front of the mirror, I saw that my terrible wrinkles were very evenly distributed, and my skin tone was very even. I recommend it to every mature woman.

  3. I got Carattia Cream as a gift from a friend for my birthday. I’ve been using many different creams for years and I don’t remember that the promised effect appeared after any of them. After the first few uses, I was pleasantly surprised by the wrinkles that were becoming less and less visible every day. I am very satisfied, and I know that this is already my cream for permanent use.

  4. Is Carattia Cream safe for sensitive skin.? The skin on my face is very sensitive and I can never adjust the cream for myself, there are always some side effects.

  5. Carattia Cream was tested on a group of more than 400,000 women and the study lasted 3 years and showed that the cream is safe for all skin types without regard to age

  6. The biggest advantage of this product is that it is also designed for the neckline, because many manufacturers forget about it and rub it right in the face, it is the one that is striking I am very pleased with it Elizabeth 59

  7. As we know, facial skin care has to start from an early age, so Carattia Cream is designed for the youngest women whose first wrinkles have not yet appeared and for those whose skin has been neglected for years

  8. Part I am 25 years old and recently I have started to think that wrinkles will soon start to appear, and I am looking for some effective cream for everyday face and cleavage care. My choice was Carattia Cream. I have read a lot of opinions about it, research results. My doubts were dispelled immediately, Agata

  9. It’s been a long time since I saw my grandmother so happy since I bought her Carattia Cream on her name day. My grandmother looked younger and younger every week, and the biggest reward for me is her smile. I recommend to those who have no ideas for a gift

  10. Carattia Cream looks like a luxury product from the very beginning. Very elegantly packaged stylish jar, great texture. Super absorbed, we don’t feel like we’re wearing a mask I recommend wholeheartedly to all mature women, Brooke 70

  11. Moment of luxury with Carattia Cream, which each of us can afford, the cream with gold particles brilliantly illuminates the skin and has greatly improved my self-esteem thanks very much Charlotte 62

  12. I heard about Carattia Cream from my mother (58 years old), I am 30 and we use it together. We are both very pleased with my mother’s wrinkles reduction as with no other cream so far. I also use it because I prefer to prevent wrinkles than fight them later

  13. I ordered Carattia Cream not because of wrinkles but because of red spider veins and wanted the skin on my neck to stretch a little. The effect was sensational, the spiders noticeably disappeared after just a week of use and the neck skin was visibly firmer at the end of the first jar

  14. Of course, I recommend as the first Carattia Cream not to waste time and money looking for a cream for yourself

  15. My name is Teresa, and somehow, I have never paid more attention to moisturizing my skin since I met a new man and realized how badly my face is. Carattia Cream has changed my very wrinkled and young, 60-year-old face. I believe in myself again

  16. I am glad that I read the Cream leaflet and did not find any artificial substances in it. Moreover, I am a vegan and the next advantage is that it is 100% vegan

  17. Hey, I just came back from the sanatorium and learned from a friend in my room about Carattia Cream during the 3 weeks of my stay, her face changed I wouldn’t believe it, but I saw with my own eyes how every day the wrinkles were getting more and more less visible. My order is already on its way. Emma 70

  18. I am afraid, given the popularity of the product, that it is possible to find a fake how to avoid it?

  19. I recommend ordering from this page. I bought my mother and grandmother here and we are all very happy with the operation, so we bought the original product

  20. I had been looking for a cream with a high content of capillic acid for a long time, and I finally found it, and I didn’t expect that super operation for such a low price

  21. Ever since I can remember, I have always been troubled by dry facial skin, especially on my nose, even though I did not see any wrinkles, I decided to use Carattia Cream. My nose has never been so moisturized I recommend it to anyone with a similar problem to mine. Agata 28

  22. Yes, the product is fully safe, as demonstrated by clinical studies during the use of Carattia Cream No side effects, allergies or corporeal reactions have been found Yes, the product can be used after eczema

  23. ] I have been using Carattia Cream for about a month and a half and I am shocked as my wrinkles have reduced and my facial oval and décolletage has improved, I recommend it to all women. Camila 55

  24. I never paid any attention to the skin of my face until after the divorce I started taking care of my skin. I smoked over a pack a day and had so-called smoker wrinkles. Carattia Cream was the first one I used in my life after a month of use I look at least 5 years younger I recommend not only to a woman Harry 44

  25. My attention to Carattia Cream was attracted by the combination of a large dose of collagen and gold particles, and I have read a lot about it, but only when I have seen it for myself did I believe in its miraculous actions of May 44

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  27. The quick shipment ordered the day before yesterday is noteworthy, and actually Mrs. Marta did not lie, the smell is superb and the package stylish. So far, I have used it only once I will write more in 2 weeks, but the first impressions are very positive

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